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We got over 200 submissions! 65 ideas got one or more TAPAS boards, 10 submissions were presentation-ready.
And now we have 5 finalists! YEAH 😃 The finalist's idea numbers were 40, 56, 68, 212 and 213.
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Build a smart house controller using Raspberry Pi and SDI TAPAS

The basic idea is to use the Raspberry Pi with SDI TAPAS to fully control an autonomous smart home. The system will be energy efficient and the Software running on Raspberry Pi will change the TAPAS settings based on resources efficiency and users preferences. The system will be connected with any device that can be controlled by TAPAS from audio, ac/dc motors, battery charging from sun power, water flow valves etc. The number of the Raspberry Pi and SDI TAPAS that are needed depend on the size of the smart home, the level of autonomy/automation that we want and the available resources. As a proof of concept I will need only one SDI TAPAS since me goal is to create software that can take advantage of this innovative platform. 

  • Dimitris Gerontopoulos
  • May 25 2018
  • Arun Ashok commented
    May 28, 2018 10:33

    Hi Dimitris,

    Thank you for the submission.

    It would be great if you can provide detailed schematics, motivation for the idea ,implementation plan and most importantly how TAPAS board fits in your idea. We are waiting for your response as the deadline is soon approaching.

    Best Regards,

    Arun Ashok

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