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Electric motor test bench


A test bench for students to rapidly test small concept motors. The idea would be that the test bench is configured for the students to rapidly test their motor design within a standardized manner. Student would then have a more comprehensive test results for their thesis.

Technical Set-up:

This would simply be made up of a servo motor as drive/load machine and the test motor/generator is mounted onto test bench. The two TAPAS SDIs would then be used as the drives for both the servo motor and the test motor. See attached for example set-up.

Why use TAPAS?:

The intention would be that the test bench would be able to test many types of electrical machines over large fundamental frequency range, the TAPAS SDIs would allow for this capability without having to reconfigure drives. The GaN switches allow for very high switching frequency providing good quality sinusoidal waveforms to supply the test motors. This minimizes/eliminates parasitic converter effects on the test motors (torque ripple, iron loss, voltage distortion etc) providing better results to compare to simulations for the students to report in their final thesis. Coupling it with a Raspberry Pi would also allow for a low cost solution to be implemented for a full test bench, which could then be copied.

  • Arwyn Thomas
  • May 25 2018
  • Stefan SteinmĂźller [TAPAS team] commented
    May 29, 2018 07:18

    Hello Thomas Arwyn,

    thanks for your submission!

    We already had a few ideas regarding a test bench and came to the conclusion, that it is very important to support the teaching. However, the Idea behind this challenge is to build something amazing and unique. A test bench is, in my opinion, not suited for a challenge.

    If you want us to provide you with some TAPAS Boards for teaching purpose, please contact us via the official TAPAS support Email (support@challenge.tapas.sdi.tools). My colleagues can tell you more about this option.


    Stefan @ TAPAS Team

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