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[Example Project] Beach ball bounce for education

The goal of this project is to control the position of a beach ball that is hovering in the air. This is primarily for learning motor control and feed-back control in education.

The set-up is as follows: A ducted fan turbine is creating a vertical air-flow. If a beach ball is placed in the flow, it will hover without doing anything (naturally stable system). However, it will bounce up and down (uncontrolled)

It will look something like this: Beach ball hover demo

To prevent the boucing from happening, an ultrasonic distance sensor is placed on top of the turbine that measures the distance to the beach ball. The students are then supposed to create motor control & feed-back control software to keep the distance between ball and fan constant.

The code can be found at: Code for beach ball demo

  • Dominic Buchstaller
  • Feb 25 2018

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