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Bicycle generator

A traditional bicycle 'dynamo' (actually an alternator)  achieves well-regulated power for a simple load with a clever combination of internal resistance, reactance and magnetic saturation. For an incandescent bulb of known power this is a mature and efficient implementation. 

However, modern loads are more complex. They may include flashing LEDs, battery charging and transient loads. A single solution to suit these varying loads is far more wasteful because it cannot match the source impedance with the load impedance for optimal power transfer.

A variable transformer operated by a power matching algorithm would provide a more flexible match, but such complex transformers are no longer necessary when digital switching and inverter technology  can simulate them more compactly.

This suggestion is to provide maximum-power matching for a range of loads in the form of a 'smart rectifier', with some user or automatic control to obtain 'free' power downhill while minimising extra effort when there is a heavy kinetic load uphill. It could be implemented using a 3-phase hub motor functioning as a generator, providing additional possibilities of regenerative braking and motor assist. Other generator applications will also benefit.

The objectives can be met with a single TAPAS board.

  • adrian godwin
  • May 2 2018
  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    May 03, 2018 12:32

    Hey Adrian,

    this idea sounds great!
    But we need some more information about this idea.
    * Can you get a little deeper into the technical site and explain your set-up and the usage of the TAPAS board? Can you provide a sketch or diagram.
    Thank you!
    Nora @ TAPAS team

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