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Microscale wind and hydro turbine generator controller

Our main goal is to make microscale wind and hydro turbine generator controller to charge a 12-48v battery. Actually, a most important point is users can decide which energy source has greater potential at the current location.

In the first phase of the project, we will simulate the environment at the Simulink instead of making real wind and hydro turbine. Ti C2000 MCU's are Simulink Embedded supported that's why tapas board are suitable not only for software but also hardware for this project. Our wind/hydro turbine model will drive simulation motor which is also connected to the generator with coupling. Generator motor will produce 10-48V with variable speed drive for optimal power conversion. The output of second tapas board will connect a Buck-Boost DC-DC converter to charge a 12-48v battery pack. We will test our software with two type of BLDC motors; 110W 24V, 500W 48V outrunner motor. After the software development part, we will try to test our system in the real environment.

  • Faruk Cetinkaya
  • Mar 25 2018
  • Apr 6, 2018

    Admin Response

    This idea will getĀ a set of two TAPAS dev kits.

  • Thomas Polster commented
    March 27, 2018 13:42

    Hey nice idea!
    Two things came to my mind while looking into your pdf... Why don't you choose a fixed battery voltage? What is the intention for using a second DC/DC converter?
    Would be great if you can give some additional information :-)

  • Faruk Cetinkaya commented
    April 04, 2018 12:53

    I am trying to make the charging flexible. The system won't restrict users. It will supportĀ differentĀ kind of batteries and voltage level.Ā 

    Second dc/dc converter is only for research now. My intention to keep the generator voltage high and reducing transfer losses especially when your generator far from the battery side or when you connectĀ multiple micro wind/hydro turbine generators.( Tapas board maximum voltage 48v. For the future design, maximum voltageĀ can be 150V with EPC2047 GaN FETs)
  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    April 06, 2018 12:13

    Hey Faruk,

    thanks for your answer!
    Congrats, you will get a board! Our team will contact you shortly.

    Nora @ TAPAS team

  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    June 04, 2018 13:25

    Hi Faruk,

    how is it going? Do you need any help regarding the realization of your project?
    Here is just a friendly reminder that submission deadline for your presentation is on 24th of June. :-)Ā We are really excited to see your progress!Ā 
    Please post the progress within your idea board submission.

    PS: We want to do a community call with you! Please useĀ our doodle to find a date which fits best for you.Ā :-)

    Nora @ TAPAS Team

  • Jacqueline Hofmann commented
    June 20, 2018 12:14

    Hi Faruk,

    Don't forget that theĀ submission deadline for your presentation is on 24th of June! We are already curious to see the results of your project :-) Keep in mind that you still have time to work on the implementation of your idea after the submission!

    Please post your project visualization and all related documents within your idea board entry :-)


    Jacqueline @ TAPAS Team

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