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High Efficiency EV Power Inverters

With the advent of GaN switching technologies, inverter design for high power applications like electric vehicles is going to be revolutionized. I think with GaN switches you can run then at considerably lower switching frequencies closer to 10-20kHz you can dramatically reduce your power dissipation and increase the longevity of electric vehicles. This is huge for the automotive industry because it is what will be the final difference maker between the efficiency of modern gasoline/diesel (including opposed piston) and electric vehicles (including pollution from producing batteries).

  • Michael Reber
  • Jul 26 2018
  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    July 30, 2018 12:45

    Hi Michael,

    the challenge has ended for this year, but you still have the possibility to get a board.
    On colleague of our team will contact you shortly.

    Nonetheless, thanks alot for your interest in the TAPAS board and our challenge! :-)
    We currently working on a improved version of a forum for our community where you can exchange with other ppl using the TAPAS. Please stay tuned for this!

    Nora @ TAPAS Team

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