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Smart Garden

The project that we present will consist of a controller for garden plants.

Explaining a little more in depth we will say that the system will obtain information of the state by a series of sensors (humidity, temperature, light) and must have actuators (irrigation pump ...). With the sole purpose of controlling the natural cycle of a plant with the minimal intervention of man.

The design will be modular so that the system can be expanded. For example, we would introduce a pressure sensor if it were key in the development of the plant.

We will also use communication systems (bluetooth, Ethernet ...) to inform users through notifications. Let's think for example that the plant will need fertilizer and therefore can not provide it itself. All this following the new revolution called "the Internet of things".

In addition and as a topical issue, we will consider energy efficiency as a design parameter. Recall that, according to the EU, in Spain is a sector that will create 300,000 jobs. The inefficiency supposes an extra cost for the companies, since it increases the energetic dependency.

To carry out this approach; On the one hand we will use renewable energy.These energies cause a lower environmental impact. In the beginning we will use solar energy, the same natural energy of the plants. On the other hand the consumption of the devices; The components of the board will work at reduced power and in addition to working with the microcontroller with clock cycles, instructions and suitable supply voltages.

Many thanks
  • Manuel Ballesteros Carballo
  • Jun 16 2018
  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    July 30, 2018 12:47

    Hi Manuel,

    I'm really sorry for the late replay. Our Team was really busy the last weeks preparing for the final conference.
    The challenge has ended for this year, but you still have the possibility to get a board.
    On colleague of our team will contact you shortly.

    Nonetheless, thanks alot for your interest in the TAPAS board and our challenge! :-)
    We currently working on a improved version of a forum for our community where you can exchange with other ppl using the TAPAS. Please stay tuned for this!

    Nora @ TAPAS Team

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