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Motor Test System für Students

In the Praktikal lessons the students should lern to controll a GM, ASM, and PMSM with an or to inverters.

The goal is to teach the students the controll of these machines and different controll aproaches.

The Students should be able to dervie the model of the inverter in SPICE or MATLAB/Simulink and find suitable controll mechanismens. We want do demonstrate the Staty-State-Model (Bachalor) and an Dynamic Modell (Master) of Inverter and machines. It's also possible to teach technics in PWM controll, (eg. Park-, Clark-Transformation), Controll Theory. Also we want to show the limits of the Filter components and faulty states of the inverter.

The Inverter itself could be run in Continious and noncontinious mode with the Body diode

The man goal is to transfer pratikal limits of the powerelectronic and machine modells.

  • Markus Simon
  • Jun 12 2018
  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    July 30, 2018 12:48

    Hi Markus,

    I'm really sorry for the late reply. Our Team was really busy the last weeks preparing for the final conference.
    The challenge has ended for this year, but you still have the possibility to get a board.
    On colleague of our team will contact you shortly.

    Nonetheless, thanks alot for your interest in the TAPAS board and our challenge! :-)
    We currently working on a improved version of a forum for our community where you can exchange with other ppl using the TAPAS. Please stay tuned for this!

    Nora @ TAPAS Team

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