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Temperature dependent charge and discharge of battery.


In a world, where the environment is very dynamic, a battery is looking into extreme conditions in terms of charging and discharging, if it is too cold or it is too hot. That would have a significant impact on the battery lifetime, and that may be costly in terms of lifetime of the battery.  


My project is divided into two steps which are:

- To investigate the capability of different batteries in terms of charge and discharge in different environmental conditions, where the load can be varied, and shall fit into a heat/cold chamber.  (investigate temperature rise under charge and discharge)

- To develop a temeperature dependant charger with feedback, for the user to be able to regulate the temperature/change the environment in which the batteries are charging/discharging to try and optimize the battery behavior.

A conceptual overview is attached.


My mission is to be able to test batteries in different environmental conditions, with a suitable charger/controller, which may optimize charge/discharge dependant on temperature, and be able to inform the user of the system if :

- anything could be done, to optimize charging time (take it indoor, leave it outside (put it in the fridge ;) ) or whatever could be done, to make it charge faster.

- Or to give better environmental conditions for the batteries to perform their best.


This temperature optimized battery charger may be suitable for small offline grids, and general user electronic where the battery is the main energy storage, and the environment may be extreme.

Personal interest/motivation driver:

I am educated as an electrical engineer, and have a background within renewable energy, which made it very interesting for me to look into the energy storage segment as well. I have in combnation with work, encountered that the battery performance is very dependant on the environment, and to inform the user of the batteries about the optimal usage, could be agreat way of getting better knowledge and performance of the batteries which is used in an application.


  • Rene Nielsen
  • Jun 1 2018

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