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Plasma shoes for cleaning street ground

The goal of this project is to create a prototype of shoes that cleans the street ground using cold plasma technique.

Cleaning surface techniques using cold plasma is safe, can be use within ambient temperature and pressure, and can be powered with battery in a shoes

The idea is to generate just enough cleaning effect to remove a little dirt from the ground with every step taken.
Witnesses will then realize that everyone can participate to world cleaning.

The technical set-up is, basically,  a small high voltage power supply that ionizes the air in several small chambers inside the shoes. A tiny fan feeds them all and pushes the ionize air from the shoes to the ground in order to clean it.

The electrical diagram and mechanical is already achieved, it's just about building a MVP (minimum viable product) so it can be submitted it to either Nike or Adidas - so they could participate in the making of a better version of these "concept" shoes. 

There are 2 people on this project, an electronics engineer and a physicist

We will need one TAPAS board to feed the high voltage transformer and the fan

  • Pierre Lourtet
  • May 31 2018

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