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A fan that plays music

Our aim would be to use a fan as a speaker, generating sound in open loop to follow a target audio signal.. We would like the average airflow to be manually tunable, like a normal fan, while pressure waves in the frequency range between 20Hz and 20kHz are controlled in open loop to follow a target audio signal. This is certainly possible for sound at low frequencies, but we would like to take advantage of the fast switching frequency and the power of the TAPAS board to push the volume and the frequency range and demonstrate a usable speaker.

The setup would be fairly simple: a 300W permanent-magnet synchronous motor (to maximise sound volume), an impeller, a secure mount for the assembly, a TAPAS board, a generator of audio signals (e.g. a PC with a headphone port) and a potentiometer to set the average speed of the fan.

The TAPAS board should run a control loop at 500kHz, sampling the audio signal and motor current, and controlling the latter to follow the profile of the audio signal, minus an offset. The offset is calculated in a slower control loop (~5Hz), with lower priority, where the potentiometer voltage is sampled and the slow target for the acceleration of the fan, which is proportional to the average motor current, is set.

Our team is composed by myself and Katherine Puttick. While only one board is required, we could really use two boards to work in parallel.

  • Marco Cecotti
  • May 31 2018
  • Jul 6, 2018

    Admin Response

    This idea submission is among the finalists and will be presented at the CKI Conference in Erlangen.

  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    June 04, 2018 08:55

    Hey Marco,

    thanks for your submission. Nice idea :-)
    We want to provide you and your colleague two TAPAS boards.
    One of my colleagues will message you shortly.

    Nora @ TAPAS team

  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    June 04, 2018 14:58

    And something else... 

    We are really excited to see your progress! 
    Please post the progress within your idea board submission.
    PS: We want to do a community call with you! Please use our doodle to find a date which fits best for you. :-)

    Nora @ TAPAS Team

  • Susanne Forster commented
    June 21, 2018 06:37

    Hi Marco,

    Don't forget that the submission deadline for your presentation is on 24th of June! We are already curious to see the results of your project :-) Keep in mind that you still have time to work on the implementation of your idea after the submission!

    Please post your project visualization and all related documents within your idea board entry :-)


    Susanne @ TAPAS Team

  • Marco Cecotti commented
    June 24, 2018 21:48

    Here is a video of our work: https://youtu.be/hvtP3OiqSq0.

  • Marco Cecotti commented
    June 24, 2018 21:51

    ...and this is a Git repository containing the code that we used in the project: https://github.com/MarcoCecotti/MusicalFan

  • Marco Cecotti commented
    June 24, 2018 21:53

    Apologies, the hyperlink didn't work. This is the Git repository containing the code that we used in the project https://github.com/MarcoCecotti/MusicalFan.

  • Marco Cecotti commented
    June 24, 2018 21:54

    This is an attempt to attach the video directly in the comment, but it might be too big...

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