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Off grid hydroponic and aquaponic control systems, for industrial greenhouse and individual growers.

A community that built up around the Fablab in Manchester concentrated on the use of computers in particular the pi and ardunio for the measurement and control of systems for food production.       

The Fablab in Oldham opens in November and we want to hit the ground running with some live collaborative projects.     

The objective is that the electronic growing mechanisms continue to operate reliably without grid mains supply for many years after mains power ceases, meaning that a sustainable population can feed itself  using technology, rather than revert immediately to the lost skills of an older growing culture.

Various technical solutions exist, this project will concentrate on continuous  power of the electronics, following this we will look at ways to move liquids using very much less power than traditional pumps. 

These are the people we have worked with in the past who we will collaborate with should we receive the boards.

Paulo Marini - who introduced many of us to all this area and runs the facebook @aquaponicslab and currently works on live projects in Sheffield.   Paulo was the main technical driver for the incredible Edible Aquaponic system in Todmorden.

More about aquaponics lab

Marcel Lenormande who manages the maker space / men in sheds project in Guernsey they have a workshop which was originally the packing shed this is attached to a 3 acre greenhouse which they need to develop agricultural projects in.

More about makerspace Guernsey

The main benefit of this project is that it glues us together as a team to solve a common problem as well as providing a solution.   What we learn will be used in other projects in Fablab and Maker spaces we attend.

Brittain Adams -  I am a systems integrator with the oldest privately owned computer company in Manchester (Mintra Ltd) I am switching my focus to development of makers spaces as a tool for re-industrialisation, in particular taking old industrial heritage sites and reusing them for new industry.  We have space in a Mill in Oldham.

I was the most frequent user of the Fablab in Manchester.

Some of the things I made at Fablab Manchester

We need 9 boards three for each site (Oldham Sheffield and Guernsey)  

  • Brittain Adams
  • May 31 2018
  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    June 04, 2018 09:30

    Hey Brittain, 

    thank you for your submission and interest in our community challenge.
    It was kinda hard to decide on your idea, not in general, but regarding the challenge itself.
    It sounds more like a general usage of the boards within your FabLab community.

    We are liking the idea of giving hands-on experience to interested people very much. So if you want to use the TAPAS boards for research and prototyping in gernal we can offer you to contact us directly via tapas.support.ct[at]siemens.com 

    We are looking forward to here from you.

    Nora @ TAPAS team 

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