šŸŽ‰We can now proudly present the winners of the TAPAS Community Challenge 2018! šŸŽ‰
Congratulations to Team "Wireless Charging" (idea 56). We are really excited for all finalists and a really big thank you to all participants for your interest in this challenge!

We got over 200 submissions! 65 ideas got one or more TAPAS boards, 10 submissions were presentation-ready.
And now we have 5 finalists! YEAH šŸ˜ƒ The finalist's idea numbers were 40, 56, 68, 212 and 213.
What's next?
We are now preparing the next steps for you, the community. Please stay tuned!
We are working on a forum and a separate webpage. If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us via email!


Energy is the basis for human development.Ā We believe, it is what catapulted us from caves into skyscrapers.Ā From families to international communities. Energy allows for productivity, health, mobility, access to the global communication networks and thus to education and prosperity.

Welcome toĀ THE SUN PROTOCOL: Providing electricity, internet access and the purification of water - all from decentralized hubs. Measuring productive energy use and using Crypto Economics to create sustainable infrastructures of modern life.



One SolartainerĀ® is able to generate up to 50.000 kWh. That is enough electricity to support up to 4,000 people in rural villages in Sub Saharan Africa. The produced electricity is cheaper than Diesel needed for the same amount of electricity. And we are already beyond the prototyping and MVPs regarding the pure production of electricity and its storage - ready to deploy, if you are ready to support.

  • Baran Dindar
  • May 30 2018
  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    May 30, 2018 12:51

    Hi Baran,

    thanks for coping the text from the website of your project ;-) Sounds interesting, but...

    We are no platform for advertisement! Please come up with an honest pitch, if you are interested in the TAPAS community challenge. If you have an idea/project to use the TAPAS board, please give more information about the idea.

    Nora @ TAPAS team

You can read the official challenge FAQ here!