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Thor robotic Arm electronics modification

The Thor robotic arm is a well known opensource project. It consists in a 6 dof printable industrial alike robotic arm. However, the power electronics and the controller is Just a basic design.

The idea is to develop a high level controller on a raspberry pi by using the tapas board as software  tuneable  main power supply for the sensor board, communications, cameras and the steppers, measuring consuption and detecting failures as there is no feedback sensors implemented in the arm's motors.

It also has to be able to accept a lipo battery as main power supply (it is useful due to the high discharging rate) and also be able to charging it while the arm is resting.

  • Juan Braga
  • May 29 2018
  • Stefan Steinmüller [TAPAS team] commented
    May 29, 2018 10:09

    Hi Juan,

    Thank you for the submission.

    It would be great if you can provide detailed schematic, an implementation plan and most importantly how TAPAS board fits in your idea. Please reply at the earliest as the deadline is soon approaching.

    Best Regards,

    Stefan @ TAPAS Team

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