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Connect traditional electronic meters to IP new generation FTTH networksFre

Next generation smartmetering systems will be installed by electricity, gas, heat or water providers. But those deployments will take many years to be achieve. Another way is to transform today's meters into two ways smart meters by adding some external devices connected to the meters and the private IP network of the customers. An important point is that the customer can do it himself for all his meters and at high speed, comparing to the low speed connections provided by next gen metering system. This device can take place in an smart home box whole system.

To prove the concept, we will connect an electronic french traditionnal meter, by the telecommunicaton port to the board or through a current transformer. We will implement next the communication protocol between the board and the meter. Finally, we will programm the Pi as a data logger on the one hand, and as an IP server on th other hand.


We will work in a team composed of three persons; Laurent Guldner, chief of metering system in our company end electronic engineer, Vincent Schmitt, software engineer and me, CEO.


We need one board to make the proof of concept.

  • Sylvain Didierjean
  • May 29 2018
  • Susanne Forster commented
    May 29, 2018 13:00

    Hey Sylvain,


    can you provide us a schema of your technical setup? Where do you include the Tapas board?


    Best regards,

    Susanne @Tapas team

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