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Remote Servomotor positionning by autonomous AI


On work i'm a 30 years old maintenance manager, every times i spend on work is always to find the new way to increase fiability of my equipments.

At home i'm a DIY'ers, i made tubes amplifiers, stompboxes, microphone,and a automatic winding machine.

I also made RC submarine with effective tank controll, i use raspberry since 5 years at home and in industry for basic aplication when the equipment need automation in a little moving part, like my rc submarine.

I reach to make a autonomous miniature AI able to communicating remotly and converting analog signal to a physical action (servomotor, solenoide valve ect.. ) to optimise the cost of modification on an old installation or there is no place.

In facts i use raspbery to cumunicate by wifi and arduino like an AI with a rxdx to make signal conversion to a motor shield but the application is limited and really tedious.

i use a servomotor to control the angle of the dive bar in function of the filling of the dive tank on my RC model.The remote function give the possibility to show the level of filling and the return of the position in the RC controller.

I need just one or two TAPAS board to developed my new system.


I think i post code, plan, pictures and vidéo to implement my idea.

Sorry for my bad english language ;) , best regards


  • martin clément
  • May 28 2018
  • Stefan Steinmüller [TAPAS team] commented
    May 29, 2018 09:32

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for the submission.

    It would be great if you can provide detailed schematic, an implementation plan and most importantly how TAPAS board fits in your idea. Please reply at the earliest as the deadline is soon approaching.

    Pleas keep in mind, that the TAPAS is a "48V, 3-phase GaN power stage with on-board filters." (https://github.com/SDI-SoftwareDefinedInverter/TAPAS/blob/master/README.md)

    Best Regards,

    Stefan @ TAPAS Team

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