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Smart charging of Quadrocopter accumulator

The Plan is to create a Docking Station with vary Number of accumulators. This accumulators are geting charged and monitored by one Raspberry Pi.

The Idea is to automate the landing of the Quadrocopter on these Docking Station to get the Accumulator charged automaticly. The better solution is to switch the existing accumulator with one that is already charged and let the empty one in the Docking Station, to get recharged. This automation needs more processing then a Raspberry Pi can provide. The switch of accumulators will need servomotors and a secondary powersuply for the Quadrocopter. The landing of the quadrocopter will also need sensors to be accurate. 

All this will need a better Powersupply as Raspberry Pi can provide, so is Tapas the right decision to give it a try.

  • Alexej Kossmann
  • May 27 2018
  • Stefan Steinmüller [TAPAS team] commented
    May 29, 2018 08:04

    Hi Alexej,

    Thank you for the submission.

    It would be great if you can provide detailed schematics, motivation for the idea ,implementation plan and most importantly how TAPAS board fits in your idea. Please reply at the earliest as the deadline is soon approaching.

    Also I doubt, that the TAPAS Board has more processing power than a Raspberry Pi. For reading out sensors, a microcontroller would suit much better than the TAPAS Board. And for a DC (I guess?) Power supply, a simple DC-DC converter controlled by a Raspberry Pi or something similar would also fit your needs.

    Best Regards,

    Stefan @ TAPAS Team

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