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Plug-and-play logic stage for E-Mobility applications in any scale and Smart Cities integration

I would like to evaluate new semiconductors based on GaN for use in High Power Mobile Inverters.

By creating only one platform (logic board) for every e-driven vehicle (ebike, small car, motorcycle, etc.)  and scaling the power section, the E-mobility could get more standardized, which would cut down the costs for infrastructure in a "smart city" , i.e.  using motor inductance and the semiconductors backwards as a boost/buck converter would reduce the costs of charging stations.

Therefor I'd like to build a plug-and-play solution based on the TAPAS BOARD. Plug-and-play because the logic part (TAPAS BOARD) can be plug onto any high power Mosfet/IGBT/GaN/SiC Stage.

  • Max Herchet
  • Mar 5 2018
  • Mar 20, 2018

    Admin Response

    This idea will get a TAPAS dev kit.

  • Dominic Buchstaller commented
    March 06, 2018 14:39

    Could you provide some more detail how such a logic board would look like? 

  • Max Herchet commented
    March 06, 2018 19:35

    The power stage would be exchangeable. I think a modular design is the best way to go. Basically it should get as easy as switching a Arduino-shield (a PCB that can directly be mounted on top of the Arduino ¬ĶC Board).

    So the logic board gets a predefined size and a basic board layout for the power stage will be provied.

    Developers can start their project on top of the "shield layout". The logic part will be based on the TAPAS board without the mosfets, which will then be part of the individual shield.

    That's one of the possible implementations. Additionally a website can be provided where a graphical configuration will be possible. A developer can select a logic board (maybe interesting if other revisions of the TAPAS Board are released) and a power board (provided by the community and saved in a database or the dev can upload his/her own design based on the TAPAS-shield) so the software can generate all .h files or do some electrical checks on the schematics.


    All in all this would spread the TAPAS Board as it would get an universal solution for every inverter needs.

    Additionally a community could provide ready to use solutions, so not every power requirement to an inverter has to be designed from the start each and every time.

  • Max Herchet commented
    March 06, 2018 19:55

    I think i missed something in my explenation. The structure of the project would be:
    1. TAPAS Board including an onboard powerfull MCU (i.e. ARM) for advanced standalone operation, Gatedrivers, BUS Systems (CAN, SPI, ...) for sensors

    2. Power Stage, containing only the semiconductors (GaN, SiC, ...) and userspecific additions (sensors, gate resistors, ...)

    3. Web Application for configuration of the inverter system

  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    March 15, 2018 14:53

    Great idea! Our TAPAS team will contact you regarding a free TAPAS board shortly.

  • Admin
    Nora Schille (TAPAS team) commented
    June 04, 2018 13:04

    Hey Max, 

    how is it going? Do you need any help regarding the realization of your project?
    Here is just a friendly reminder that submission deadline for your presentation is on 24th of June. :-)
    We are really excited to see your progress! 
    Please post the progress within  your idea board submission.

    PS: We want to do a community call with you! Please use our doodle to find a date which fits best for you. :-)

    Nora @ TAPAS Team

  • Jacqueline Hofmann commented
    June 20, 2018 12:04

    Hey Max,

    Please keep in mind that the submission deadline for your presentation is on 24th of June! We are already looking forward to seeing how you brought the TAPAS board to life! :-) Remember that you still have time to work on the implementation of your idea after the submission!

    Please upload your presentation and everything you want to share with us in your idea board entry.

    Good luck :-)

    Jacqueline @ TAPAS Team

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